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We're New Zealand's OutSystems partner and we're growing! If you're certified as an OutSystems Mobile or Web developer and you're already (or would like to be) in New Zealand, we'd like to hear from you. Low-code is taking off, and OutSystems offers comprehensive self-paced online training and examinations to developers with existing experience in object-oriented [...]

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What is Low-code?

It's the Future You may have heard of "low-code" platforms, or you may not have.  They're worth knowing about because we're about to move away from human software developers re-inventing the common aspects of web and mobile solutions, and then re-re-inventing them again as framework fashion shifts...  Humans are great, but they should be [...]

2017-12-13T09:42:33+00:00 11 December 2017|

OutSystems Accelerate 2017

XAG attended the OutSystems Accelerate 2017 event in Sydney this week. The theme of the event was speed, and in particular the pace of digital transformation in APAC businesses. OutSystems is at the forefront of rapid applications development for mobile and desktop, with a focus on mobility, security, and enterprise scalability. As a consistent [...]

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