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We help businesses of all sizes develop web and mobile applications in less than half the usual time and cost, with zero compromise.

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Enterprise-grade solutions, now

Get the benefit of the most robust, secure and scalable web-based applications ready in less than half the normal time, with low, predictable TCO.

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In-source or outsource

Want total end-to-end, full-stack ownership of your app?  We can show you how to super-charge the efficiency of your in-house teams.  Or let us build, host and fully-manage the fastest, best-value web or mobile app at economics you can’t beat.

Integrate with anything

We can integrate with your existing in-house and cloud-based systems so you can get more out of your data. Never thought you'd have time or budget for that app? Now you do.

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Security baked in

Your business application should not have varying levels of security based on the expertise and focus of your developers over time. Security should be central to your solution and of a consistently high standard. With our solutions, best practice security is baked in to every solution, and updated constantly behind the scenes to keep your security current and your business safe.

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Want it sooner?

How long do most development projects take? At least twice as long as the most conservative estimate. If you are sick of hard conversations about why *this* project has to take as long as the last one, come talk to us. There is a better way.

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Want an ROI?

Imagine if you could justify improvements in staff efficiency, customer engagement and revenue opportunities using an actual ROI. Our solutions are based on tangible ROI metrics that benefit from rapid development and substantially lower total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the solution. Business benefits for business initiatives - a fresh and compelling approach to app development.

Want that mobile app?

If you have a backlog of someday-maybe mobile app needs, we need to talk. If you are fighting to find and retain quality mobile developers, for one platform or even for the first platform, we have a solution for that. Write once, deploy everywhere, right now.

Want to OPEX it?

We want to help you get what you need, so we have solutions that suit your appetite. Deploy on-prem, in-house using your kit and your people, or consider our innovative OPEX (monthly) or hybrid commercial models. A custom solution on OPEX terms? Let's talk.

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Cross-platform Mobile Native

Single code-base, deployed to iOS and Android, across multiple display-ports, using native device capabilities. Silky UI with 80ms response, rapidly built, tested and deployed to the native app stores.

Cross-platform mobile-native

If you could cut your mobile development time in half, and significantly reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance, without compromising anything, would you?

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10x development at 1/3 the TCO

10x developers are hard to come by, and if you do find them they cost at least 3x to keep a hold of. What if you could get 10x development and maintenance efficiency at about a third the total cost of ownership for any realistic alternative, whilst sacrificing nothing? Yes, we can help with that.

Lose that spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are great for lots of things, including quick hack-arounds. But they don't really support mobility, they don't have controlled updates, and they aren't a great place to store data or intelligence. If you have business-critical apps or data stuck in a spreadsheet, we can rapidly bring all the benefits of a web/mobile app to that.

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Workforce heading mobile, flexible?

As your staff become more mobile, with flexible working, we can help you surface business information securely, across all your in-house and cloud-based systems via custom mobile and web applications that work just the way you need.

Help your people
help your business

Got ideas for how your staff could be more efficient, more effective and more supported with better tools? Most off-the-shelf solutions get you 60-70% of the way there. Custom solutions used to cost the earth, in time and money. We can show you how to get just what you need, for the benefit of your staff and your business, in no time flat and for a fraction of what you're used to.

Need in-country development
at offshore build costs?

Everyone is talking about in-sourcing, perhaps in reaction to the complex experiences of offshoring and traditional approach to development outsourcing. What if you could get the build-costs associated with off-shore development but in-country, or even in-house, and right first time, with a much lower TCO? That's what we offer. Unbelievable?

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Serious efficiency faster.

Sure, we can help with that.

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